Check Out This Immersive 360° Video of a Walk From Times Square to the Flatiron Building

Local YouTuber ActionKid recently filmed this great immersive 360° video showing him walking from the Times Square subway station, down Broadway, to the Flatiron Building. Check it out!

360° VR Walking in NYC on Broadway from Times Square to the Flatiron Building. Move the image around to get a different view every time! Filmed October 31, 2019

1:30 - 46th Street
8:10 - 42nd Street
10:45 - 40th Street
12:42 - 38th Street
14:42 - 36th Street
16:50 - 34th Street
19:15 - 32nd Street
22:50 - 30th Street
25:00 - 28th Street
27:25 - 26th Street
29:05 - 25th Street

via ActionKid

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