Check Out This Great Schematic-Style Redesign of the New York City Subway Map

Schematic Style New York City Subway Map
Schematic Style New York City Subway Map
Photo: Inat

Architect Jug Cerovic and his mapping and wayfinding consulting company Inat have created a full series of impeccably designed Metro Maps for New York City and other large metropolitan areas.

Metro maps are much more than mere functional diagrams to me, I consider them works of art that shape our mental image of the city and contribute to an iconic shared identity. I have created 40 unique, beautiful and efficient subway maps for 45 metropolises using a common graphic language in order to offer a new perspective as well as a platform for the exploration and enjoyment of the underground world.

You can order full-sized prints of this New York City Map and others on Inat's online shop.

via r/nyc

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