Check Out This Collection Containing Cute Illustrations of Brooklyn's Secret Protectors, The Bodega Cat

You may see one of them while you make your purchase in one of New York City’s numerous bodegas, but they often lurk in the shadows, guarding you and your food from afar. They are our protectors and keep our food safe, the toughest, proudest and most vigilent guards you can find are the City’s Bodega cats.

Artist Sunny Eckerle has two cats herself and has always been fascinated by the bodega cats that you can find all around her borough of Brooklyn. In 2014, she decided to pay homage to them by creating this adorable series of illustrations featuring one bodega cat from Brooklyn each week. Follow Brooklyn Bodega Cats to see which cats are going to be featured next.

h/t DNAinfo

Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

Contributing Writer

Veronika is in her twenties and is studying marketing and design. She loves to travel, discover the world and its delicious foods, and finds inspiration in the City’s arts scene. She never turns down a challenge, especially on the volleyball court.

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