Check Out This Amazing Robot Selling DVD's, CD's and Games at Best Buy in Chelsea

Inside of Chelsea's Best Buy store, there is a large robotic machine which will sell you DVD's, CD's, video games and other small items without any human interaction.

The machine is reminiscent of those Coke vending machines that locate the right item, put it in a cart, then bring it to your bin, although the Best Buy robot operates on a much grander scale.

I scanned through the music selections on the touch-screen kiosk, found the CD, clicked "buy now," swiped my credit card, and then watched as the robot -- basically a huge version of Armitron (yes, I am dating myself again) whizzed up and down a wall of shelves looking for the CD. It retrieved the disc, scrolled over to me, and promptly dropped the disc into a bin next to the kiosk. Done. No searching the shelves downstairs, no asking an employee who may know nothing about solo albums by fifty something Soundgarden singers, no waiting in line.

We've got self-driving cars, remote control drones and electronic cigarettes… I am not sure why I am still surprised by this.

via Fox

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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