Check Out the Untapped Cities "Remnants of Penn Station" Tour

The current iteration of New York City's Penn Station is not much to look at. It's full of commuters, dirt, ugly tiles, low ceilings and no windows. It is one of the most hated places in the City, and has ranked the worst transit station in the country.

It wasn't always like this though… Penn Station used to be quite a gorgeous station, full of light, stunning features, and detailed ornamentation. Most of it was torn down in 1964, but you can still spot pieces of the old station if you look hard enough.

Our friends at Untapped Cities have put together a walking tour called "Remnants of Penn Station" to make it a bit easier to spot the interesting pieces left over from the old Penn Station.

But we think inside a lost cause like Penn is the core of something very special. That’s why for almost two years now, Untapped Cities and playwright Justin Rivers has been taking people around the current station to find the still-beating heart of the old one.

Check out the event page to learn more about the tour.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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