Check Out Satellite Baby, a Mini-Documentary About New York City-Born Children Being Raised in China

New York City-based filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer of Notable Features recently created this fascinating mini-documentary about NYC-born Chinese-Americans who, due to skyrocketing costs here in the City, send their children back to relatives in China to raise them.

Amid skyrocketing living costs in New York City, many Chinese Americans are choosing to have relatives abroad care for their children until they’re old enough to attend school. The financial logic is sound, but what’s the emotional toll on a child raised between two worlds? According to Lois Lee, the director of New York City’s Chinese-American Planning Council, the ‘satellite baby’ phenomenon disrupts vital years of parent-child bonding and development, resulting in a ‘post-traumatic stress experience’ for these children once they return to the United States.

via Aeon

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