Check Out Nap York, a Midtown Wellness Studio That Rents Out Nap Pods by the Half-Hour

Take a nap in midtown at Nap York
Take a nap in midtown at Nap York
Photo: viewingnyc

Nap York is a new wellness studio in Midtown near Penn Station that offers up, amongst other things, special nap pods that you can rent to catch some sleep and/or recharge. Starting at just $10 for a half-hour, the reservations are all handled online, and you never have to interact with another human, if you don't want to. Check it out in this short video from Time Out New York.

At Nap York in midtown you can rent out a nap pod whenever you feel you need to catch up on some z's. It's the perfect way to remove yourself from the midtown hustle and bustle.

via Time Out

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