Celebrate National Ice Cream Day Today at Brooklyn Flea's Ice Cream Bonanza

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Cocoa Nib Ice Cream | A unique tasting ice cream ---- taste like vanilla ice cream but yet has a hint of chocolate taste as well. Didnt have to make a custard for this ice cream hence being eggless it really brought out the clean chocolate flavour after the cream was infused with the Valhorna cocoa nibs. Also added 2 more tbsp of cocoa nibs to turn this into a double cocoa nib ice cream otherwise known as chocolate-chip ice-cream. But here the crunchiness of the nibs mixed with the creaminess of the cream is just divine. (Recipe from Alice Merdrich's Bitterswett)

Today is National Ice Cream Day! A great way to celebrate the “holiday” is with Brooklyn Flea at the Ice Cream Bonanza.

There are two days to indulge in the madness–and you’ll want to, since most of the city’s best ice cream spots are creating specialty flavors for the event. The Bonanza will run from 10 AM until 5 PM on Saturday at Fort Greene Flea and Sunday at Dumbo Flea–and it’s an Instagram ice cream aficionados greatest fantasy come to life.

If you need more ice cream goodness in your life, don’t forget about the Museum of Ice Cream opening July 29th.

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