"Cards Against Brooklyn", an Unofficial Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

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Cards Against Brooklyn, an Unofficial Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched that provides a Brooklyn themed Cards Against Humanity expansion pack. The makers of the game encourage the printing of expansion packs on your own, even going as far as suppling a template to do so on their official site.

The problem with creating expansion packs with your $50 printer at home though is that the cards don’t feel like the original and are easily recognizable in the deck. This is where the campaign comes in. The 54 cards have already been printed and wrapped, using the same materials as the original cards.

Cards Against Brooklyn is an UNOFFICIAL Cards Against Humanity™ expansion pack that is Brooklyn themed. The purpose of the expansion pack is to personalize an already hilarious game, providing both Black and White cards that are Brooklyn related. The expansion pack comes with 54 original, Brooklyn themed cards, all for only $13 shipped.

The campaign has about $900 left to go with 11 days left. If you don’t yet own the official game, it is available for purchase on Amazon.

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