Call Off the City-Wide Search, Central Park's Rare Mandarin Duck is Back!

Nobody knows where it went, whether the duck left on its own, or if there was foul-play involved, but the beloved and rare Mandarin Duck has reemerged in Central Park after inexplicably disappearing for two days.

The Mandarin duck that has caused crowds of people from around the world to flock to Central Park has made its grand return after a brief disappearance. The duck, native to Asia, was first spotted in the Central Park Pond at 60th Street and 5th Avenue on Oct. 10. Tourists and New Yorkers alike couldn't resist the urge to see the bird for themselves and headed to the park in search of the rare bird. After making appearances at multiple bodies of water in the area, some cried "fowl play" when the bird seemed to suddenly disappear earlier this week.

via ABC 7

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