Bowery Graffiti Wall's Latest Installation an "In Memoriam" for 2016 Celebrities and Icons

2016 has been a rough year for celebrity, musician, actor and artist deaths. The most recent Bowery Graffiti Wall installation sits actually atop the wall, and is a simple slideshow projection, an "in memoriam" which pays homage to those icons lost this year. Our friends at Bowery Boogie were one of the first to spot it:

For the last couple nights, there’s been a slideshow projection of the notable deceased. Eighteen images, including David Bowie, Prince, photographer Bill Cunningham, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali, and Carrie Fisher (and, controversially, Fidel Castro). A life-size a reminder of the overzealous grim reaper that was 2016; death certainly was the star this year.

Check out the accompanying article for more info.

Houston St. and Bowery
Matt Coneybeare

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