Beauty in Transition, a Mobile Beauty Salon Providing Free Services to New York City Homeless

Just the other day we wrote about Mark Bustos giving out free haircuts and shaves on the City streets. Bustos mostly helps out on men's cuts and shaves, but now there is a similar service to help help out the woman's homeless population too. Beauty in Transition is a non-profit beauty salon serving the New York City homeless population by providing free beauty services including hair washes, cuts, coloring and style services to willing undomeciled participants.

Beauty in Transition is a large-scale, city-wide artistic project partnering with various institutions to create a mobile, outdoor beauty salon serving NYC homeless shelters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The mobile unit provides beauty services including a hair wash, cut, color and/or style service to willing participants. Through providing face-to-face dialogue in a calming recuperative salon environment, this project aims to facilitate empathetic understanding and to unravel the reductive label of homeless.

Find out how you can help volunteer over on Beauty in Transition.

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