Audubon Shares How to Spot Snowy Owls from the Arctic in New York City

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It's time to start hunting in Breezy Point, New York. "This snowy is probably the biggest I’ve photographed this winter," says the photographer. "Just the head is about the size of a soccer ball."

For the second year we have had a brutally cold winter in New York. And for the second year, there have been reports of Snowy Owls in the City. The giant owl is normally chumming around with polar bears and penguins waaay up North, but the arctic chills and near-zero temperatures have the owls coming down for a bit of vacation in New York. So where is the best place to spot them? According to Audubon:

Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn is a traditionally popular sighting ground, as is Breezy Point and Jamaica Bay in Queens. Governor’s Island saw its first Snowy in remembered history this year, and Jones Beach along the Atlantic can lend some unbelievable sightings, says Bate—sometimes you can even see the Arctic travelers “on the dunes overlooking the ocean.”

via Audubon

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