Artist Naomi RAG Yarnbombs East Harlem With Bold Colors

Fiber artist Naomi RAG has been adorning the bleak urban landscape of East Harlem with big, bold splotches of colorful yarn bombs. Street Art NYC recently sat down with Naomi for a brief interview about her art.

When did you first begin to grace public streets with your talents?
The first time I yarnbombed was four years ago back in Cambridge, England.
What inspired you to do so at the time?
Via social media, I had heard about International Yarnbombing Day, and I loved the idea of bringing color and beauty to our urban landscape.
Where else have you yarnbombed?
Liverpool’s Crosby District — where I was staying for a bit — and here in East Harlem, where I’ve lived for the past year.
What is your impression of your new neighborhood?
I just love it! I especially love its diversity. It is quite similar to the London Borough of Hackney.
How have folks here responded to your pieces here in East Harlem?
All the feedback has been positive. And it’s the positive reactions that motivate me to keep at it.
What’s ahead?
My goal is to create one new piece a month to share here in the public sphere.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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