Annual New York City Subway Ridership at 1.7 Million, Highest Since 1948

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subway. Riding the subway train in NYC
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The MTA recently released ridership data for the entire New York City subway system, and the numbers are up to the highest point they have been in nearly 7 decades.

Subway ridership is on an upward trend. Annual subway ridership increased 0.6% from 2014 to 2015 to 1.763 billion, the highest since 1948. Weekday ridership increased by 0.9% to 5.7 million, also the highest since 1948. Forty-nine weekdays in 2015 had over six million riders. Weekend subway ridership declined by 0.7% to 5.9 million, but is still among the highest since two-day weekends became nearly universal in the mid-20th century.

Listen to the story above from our friends at WNYC, then check out the accompanying article for more analysis of the data.


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