Amazing Superhero Murals in a NYC Office Created Only With Sticky Post-It Notes

Designer Ben Brucker recently designed and created a massive mural lining the walls of his office floor using only colored post-it notes. It is Pixel Art blown up taken to the extreme. The theme of the installation is super heroes with several of your favorites represented including Batman, Spiderman, and Wonder Woman.

Street Art News reports:

Bruck7 a young designer decided it was time to remix his plain-looking office by creating a massive post-it installation which could be entitled "Pixel SuperHeroes". The installation required approximately 8024 post-its and each image is 34 post-its high. Bruck7 designed his super-deformed superheroes with big heads and little bodies. After two days of gluing and arranging each pixel, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man or WonderWoman are now rocking the walls of this transformed space in New York City.

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