Acclaimed German Filmmaker Beautifully Captures the Hectic Stop-and-Go Pace of NYC

German filmmaker Oliver Schrott and his firm OSK recently traveled to the City and created New York City: Wait or Run, a beautiful video that perfectly captures our stop-and-go, hurry-up-and-wait nature.

The typical New Yorker seems to never be strolling. Whether it’s 5am or the middle of the night, the New Yorker rushes and dashes through the city. And even when he wants to stroll, he can’t - others will literally run over him. In this city, time is a luxury comparable in value to living space. And strangely enough, the people who aren’t running always end up waiting for something. You wait in line for a restaurant, for a concert or to get into the movies. You wait for a taxi, for the subway, for a hot dog on the corner. Waiting is as much a part of New York life as running and rushing.

Check out the accompanying post for more on the direction and process behind the video.

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