A Lost Keith Haring Mural Exists in a Morningside Heights Apartment Building Stairwell

Newsweek recently published a great article about a lost Keith Haring mural that can bee seen in an apartment stairwell in Morningside Heights.

One Saturday evening, most likely in 1984, Haring walked into a building on 108th Street, passing under a small cross above the front door. […] Haring started at the bottom of the stairs and wound his way up to the third floor, crouching low and then almost reaching the ceiling in some spots. He painted outlines of figures walking, running, jumping, embracing—limbs askew and vibrating with curved echo lines that gave the walls a feeling of constant motion.

Check out the video's accompanying article for more on this great mural, and the challenges it now faces amidst New York City's real-estate boom.

via Newsweek

W 108th St
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