360° Video Places You Inside the Explosive Demolition of the Old Kosciuszko Bridge

When the old Kosciuszko Bridge was energetically felled this last October, it marked the first time that a bridge was taken down with the use of explosive charges in New York City. In this incredible 360° video from Skansa USA, the team behind the demolition, see the demolition from directly underneath and beside it.

After constructing the first phase of New York City’s new Kosciuszko Bridge – providing a safer and smoother crossing – it was time to carefully demolish the original. Through the eyes of five, strategically-positioned 360-degree cameras, view how Skanska USA safely executed the explosive finale.

If you can't move the view around, you need to use the Google Chrome browser on desktop, or the YouTube App for iOS or Android to move around inside the video.

via YouTube

Kosciuszko Bridge
Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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