Vintage Photograph of a Horse Drawn New York Street Cleaning Cart Circa 1915

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“A street-cleaning cart in New York City, where there were said to be 450 of them in 1915. Earlier that year, The Times reported on other improvements to the city’s streets, at a meeting held at Columbia University by the three borough presidents and John T. Fetherston, street-cleaning commissioner. The four men “discussed the planning, construction and maintenance of public highways and public works and street cleaning before an audience including many of the prettiest young women students in the university,” The Times reported. The audience was attentive, “but the women particularly became enthusiastic when President Marks told them of his fight for free public markets,” the report continued. Alas, that topic was not on the agenda. Boasting about the borough with the most asphalt (Brooklyn), however, was.”

Photo: The New York Times