Vintage Photograph of New York City Children Playing Next to a Dead Horse in 1903

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The Close of a Career in New York - 1905 | McDermott-Bunger Dairy Co. is painted on the building in the center of the photograph. As of 1903, this dairy company was located at 527 West 125th Street. There are 10 kids, all but one seem to be barefoot, playing in the street gutter and around puddles of raw sewage, all within in a few feet of a dead horse. They seem completely unbothered and disinterested in it's existence. They don't even seem slightly out-of-sorts, caught up in the moment of play and Joseph Byron's lense. The Image was obtained from the Library of Congress. The original glass plate can be seen via this link: This image restoration and enhancement is the product of Photoshop, Topaz, and Nik plugs, & Akvis' Sketch renderer.

Photo: Are Oh Why