The Incredible New York City Street Photography of Clay Benskin

Amazing New York City street photographer Clay Benskin recently gave a great interview with The Phobolographer where he talks all about shooting on the New York City streets. When asked where he likes to shoot, Benskin said:

I do have a few places that I go to again and again. Williamsburg is one of my favorites places, I love the old-world feel when it’s done right. I also just discovered Willets Point in Queens – I read somewhere that their trying to close it down, so I try to go every weekend for few minutes to shoot, there’s a certain beautiful grittiness to that place. When I’m feeling bold I like to go to the Bronx, Harlem. Then there are the obvious places like 5th Avenue, Chinatown and Soho. New York is like a goldmine for Street Photographers!

Benskin posts most of his shots on Instagram, including all of these incredible photos. Enjoy.

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